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Healthwatch Medway

Contact us

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Operations Manager

Margaret Cane

Information & Signposting Officer

Lorraine Camp


Julie Clark & Fazilla Amijee

Young Healthwatch Coordinator

David Laming

Healthwatch Medway,
Second Floor,
Kingsley House,
37-39 Balmoral Road,

Information line: 01634 566 777
Email: General enquiries

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We are Recruiting Board Directors - Read more here 

Opportunities to have your say

How can I have my say via Healthwatch Medway?

Opportunities for Medway citizens to have their say and be involved are advertised in different ways, such as via:

Healthwatch Medway website - look at the 'News' section

Healthwatch Medway Facebook Page healthwatchmedway

Healthwatch Medway Twitter account @HWatchMedway

How can I share my experience of health or care services now to Healthwatch Medway?

You can do this by a variety of different ways by:

On this website you can 'share your experience' via the 'Share Your Experience' function or the 'Hot Topic - Share Your Experience' feature.

What about other opportunities for me to have my say to Healthwatch Medway?

Other opportunities for Medway citizens to have their say will be advertised via the 'News' page on the Healthwatch Medway website.

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