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Healthwatch Medway

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If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Operations Manager

Margaret Cane

Information & Signposting Officer

Lorraine Camp


Julie Clark & Fazilla Amijee

Young Healthwatch Coordinator

David Laming

Healthwatch Medway,
Second Floor,
Kingsley House,
37-39 Balmoral Road,

Information line: 01634 566 777
Email: General enquiries

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How We Work

Every voice counts

When it comes to shaping the future of health and social care, and when it comes to improving it for today. Everything that local Healthwatch does will bring the voice and influence of local people to the development and delivery of local services. People need to feel that their local Healthwatch belongs to and reflects them and their local community. It needs to feel approachable, practical and dynamic, and to act on behalf of local people.

  • We’re helping you to shape and improve the services you use.
  • We’re engaging with people in your community – if you haven’t met us yet, please get in touch!
  • We’re an open organisation and want to make it easy for you to talk to us
  • We’re inclusive and we want people from every part of your community to join us
  • Ask us what we’re doing and we’ll always tell you what’s happening
  • You can hold us to account
  • We’re here to help services to improve
  • We’ll notice the bad things they do, and the good -we use your evidence to build a true picture of your local services

Why we do it

Healthwatch Medway is being developed to give the people of our five towns a stronger voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are provided within Medway. 

Healthwatch Medway is responsible for:

  • Enabling people to share their views and concerns about health and social care services in Medway
  • Helping to build a picture of where services are doing well and where they can be improved
  • Providing authoritative, evidence-based feedback to organisations responsible commissioning or delivering local health and social care services
  • Working with clinical commissioning groups to help make sure that services really are designed to meet local people’s needs.
  • Ensuring that the views and experiences of patients, carers and other service users  are taken into account when local need assessments and strategies are prepared. This will be done through its seat on the Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Providing people with information about what to do when things go wrong; this includes either signposting people to, or providing advocacy for people who want to complain about NHS services
  • Alerting Healthwatch England to concerns about specific care providers
  • Providing or signpostong people to information about local health and care services, and how to access them

Enter & View

We gather information on people experiences of health and social care services and there are times when it is appropriate for Healthwatch Medway to see and hear for ourselves how services are provided: these visits are called Enter & View.

Following careful planning teams of specially trained volunteers visit a service, make observations, collect people’s opinions and produce a report.Enter and View visits can be announced or unannounced; it will depend on why we are there.

The responsibility to carry out Enter & View was given to local Healthwatch in the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Healthwatch Medway carries out an Enter & View visit when:

  • We received intelligence that has prompted us to carry out a one off visit in order to find out more.
  • It is part of a wider programme of work around a specific topic where Enter and View is just one of the methods we use to gather our intelligence (it is still based on intelligence).

Why do we do it? 

We believe that Enter and View is an opportunity for positive change.By capturing the views of service users, their carers and relatives – which could otherwise go unheard – it can keep ‘quality of life’ matters firmly on the agenda. Through ‘Enter & View’ visits we can help providers across health and social care identify and share best practice.

Simple changes can make a big difference to people’s experiences of services in Medway.

Who will carry out the visits?

Enter & View can only be carried out by Authorised Representatives- they will always wear identification badges on visits.  A list of our current Authorised Representatives can be found below as per the requirements set out in our statutory powers.

The following people have been approved as Enter & View Authorised Representatives:

If you would like to find out more about joining our authorised visit teams, information about the role can be found here.  The volunteer application form can be found here.

Where can Enter & View take place?

Enter & View activity can be undertaken with regard to the following organisations or services*:

  • NHS Trusts
  • NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Local Authority care services
  • Providers of primary medical services (e.g. GPs); dental services (e.g. dentists); ophthalmic services (e.g. opticians); or pharmaceutical services (e.g. community pharmacists)
  • Bodies or institutions which are contracted by Local Authorities or the NHS to provide health or care services (e.g. adult residential care and nursing homes and day-care centres).

 *Enter and View does not apply to the observing of any activities which relate to the provision of social care services to children.

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