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Enter and View Medway

Our statutory power to Enter & View

Enter & View is a statutory power conferred upon Healthwatch by the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It allows our authorised Enter & View Representatives to enter and view any publicly funded health and social care services in the borough, to collect the views of service users at the point of delivery, and to collect the views of carers and relatives of service users. These visits can be agreed in advance with the service we are visiting, or can be unannounced spot checks.

Healthwatch Medway can legally conduct an Enter & View visit with any of the following organisations or individuals:

  • NHS Trusts
  • NHS Foundation Trusts
  • Local Authorities
  • A person providing primary medical services (e.g. GPs)
  • A person providing primary dental services (i.e. dentists)
  • A person providing ophthalmic services (i.e. opticians)
  • A person providing pharmaceutical services (e.g. community pharmacists)
  • A person who owns or controls premises where ophthalmic and pharmaceutical services are provided
  • Bodies or institutions which are contracted by the Local Authority or the NHS to provide health or care services (e.g. adult social care homes and day-care centres)

It is important to remember that Enter & View is an engagement tool, not an inspection. The aim of Enter & View is to put together a picture of what people think of the care they are receiving.

Who can carry out an Enter & View visit?

Enter& View visits are carried out by trained Healthwatch volunteers. An Enter & View Authorised representative is a very specific and skilled volunteer role within Healthwatch, which requires additional training and a time commitment over the course of 12 months. Our Enter & View representatives are fully DBS checked and are required to complete the following training courses:

  • Enter & View
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Confidentiality
  • Data Protection
  • Adult Safeguarding

Individuals seeking to be Enter & View representatives are required to have been involved in Healthwatch in other capacities first so they have a good understanding of Healthwatch and its core functions.

What happens during and after a visit?

After an Enter & View visit has been completed, our authorised representatives will go away and write a report based on the evidence they have collected. This report will go into detail about what they saw during the visit, what people they spoke to said, and any other information that they feel is relevant.It will finish by making a series of recommendations for improvements, if there are any, as well as offering any commendations for good performance.

We provide a draft copy of our report to the service provider within 20 working days of our visit, in case they wish to raise any concerns or make any changes which could potentially be reflected in the report.

Once the service provider has had a chance to respond, a finalised version will be published and made available for download on our website.

Our Enter & View Reps

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Enter & View Reports

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Enter & View Policies

Details the policies and procedures we have in place for our Enter & View visits and representatives. Read more

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